Armor All Heavy Duty Wash 1Ltr
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Armor All Heavy Duty Wash 1Ltr

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Cleans the toughest automotive dirt and grime.

Armor All Heavy Duty Car Wash is the ideal product for cars that need an extra powerful wash. It can be applied to pre-treat particularly stubborn areas such as tar, bird droppings, insects and tree sap, and can be diluted to provide a foaming, deep cleansing wash.

  • Combines a deep-cleaning car wash with a safe and effective tar and bug remover
  • Formulated for tough action on stubborn dirt even in cold water
  • Safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats
  • Won’t strip wax or leave soapy residue, like washing up liquids
  • Gives the car an "Armor All" shine while you wash


Can also be used between washings to remove spots and stains before they damage the paint’s finish.


  1. Rinse car to remove excess dirt and grime.
  2. Add Armor All Heavy Duty Car Wash as required;
    Regular Wash: Pour 30ml (three caps) into a bucket and mix thoroughly with cold water.
    Heavy Duty Wash: Pour 60ml (six caps) into a bucket and mix thoroughly with cold water.
    Removing Stubborn Spots and Stains: Apply undiluted product directly, or with a sponge, onto spots. Allow to penetrate for 3 – 5 minutes. Wash, rinse and dry car.
  3. Wash car in sections with a sponge, cloth or towel.
  4. Rinse car immediately and dry with a soft clean cloth, towel or a chamois leather.


Use on a cool surface away from direct sunlight with cold water.