Armor All Express Wash and Wax Wipes - 12CT
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Armor All Express Wash and Wax Wipes - 12CT

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Cleans and waxes your car in 1- quick step.

Armor All knows that most drivers want their car looking showroom ready at all times. However, whether it is due to not having time or access to a hose or water nearby, drivers are challenged when it comes to cleaning and protecting their vehicle paintwork.        

Armor All Express Wash & Wax Wipes provide a quick waterless solution and allow drivers to forget the hassle of using a bucket and hose to wash their car. 

The extra-large, pre-moistened wipe enables drivers to save time and effort and ultimately gives drivers the freedom to enjoy doing the things they want to do rather than spending it in the driveway.

  • No water? No bucket? No hose? No time? No problem
  • Quick, 1-step cleaning solution
  • Takes less than 10 minutes (depending on size of car and level of dirt)
  • Cleans up to 4 cars (depending on size of car and level of dirt)
  • Washes and waxes lightly soiled vehicles 
  • “Safe lift technology” that is designed to lift and trap sharp particles (which ultimately helps prevent scratching and damaging paintwork)
  • Contains silicone technology that leaves a shiny slick effect
  • Safely and effectively cleans and details all exterior automotive surfaces (when used as directed)
  • Perfect for removing dust, fingerprints, bird droppings and road grime without using water


  1. Remove wipe by pulling on the tab on the front of the pouch. Gently wipe across all exterior vehicle surfaces to clean. Reseal firmly.
  2. Gently wipe across all exterior vehicle surfaces to clean.
  3. Discard wipe after use.


Not recommended for use on extremely dirty vehicles. When using the wipe to clean glass, it is recommended to use the wipe if it is not too wet to touch. Not designed to clean baked in brake dust on wheels.


Use on a cool, dry vehicle. As wipe becomes saturated with dirt, flip or fold wipe to expose a fresh clean surface. Use long, continuous strokes in a straight line to clean and lift away dirt. On windows and on dark-coloured vehicles, a final buff with a dry, clean microfibre towel will help you achieve an optimum shine.